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Early intrapartum fetal
assessment helps in identifying the fetus at risk of developing fetal distress
during labor and requiring prompt caesarean delivery. A negative or reactive
test may indicate a low probability of adverse outcome and thus reassuring. On
the other hand, a positive or nonreactive test may imply a significant risk of
fetal compromise that may lead to prompt abdominal delivery. A reliable fetal
admission test may help in accurately identifying such high-risk fetuses so
that limited perinatal resources can be utilized better and fetal distress
resolved expeditiously by caesarean delivery.  

Mean testing time for mBPP was 23
minutes and for mBPP with VAST was 5 minutes, so addition of VAST significantly
reduces the testing time by one fourth. This finding was comparable with sood
atul Kumar et al 2011 where mean testing time was 4.86+0.72
min1. Among 110 women, who underwent modified biophysical profile,
80(72.7%) showed reactive response and 30(27.3%) showed non reactive response.
110 women, in whom modified biophysical profile was combined with VAST,
100(91%) showed reactive response and 10(9%) showed non reactive response. In
sood atul Kumar et al (2011) study, of the 210 fetuses subjected to VAS/mFBP,
200 (95.2%) were reactive and 10 (4.8%) nonreactive1.

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With modified biophysical profile
along VAST, 91(82.7%) neonates had favourable outcome, 19(17.2%) neonates had 5
mints Apgar score

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