Episode 12: Sustainable Peace


My guest this week was Esther Emery, my dear friend, a writer, blogger and vlogger, and cultural outlier. Esther was previously a freelance theatre director, and playwright, but is now a homestead wife, mama to three, and as she writes on her blog, “a runaway from the speed and noise and competition of a previous life.” She writes about her faith, she writes about her life, she writes about nature and seasons, and she writes about the why’s and how’s of DIY/off-the-grid life.

We looked at Psalm 1, James 3, and Mark 9 from Proper 20b. 

Links to some of the content on the blog:

Esther’s blog and website here.
The Seeker Network videos hosted by Laura Ling on Esther and her family’s life off the gird here.
Follow Esther on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Episode 12: Sustainable Peace

  1. This line: “we have an image of peace which is equivalent to a suppression of anger or anxiety, and a squashing down or erasing of tension.” That’s exactly what I am looking for peace to be in me. The absence of fear and anxiety. But what if it’s more about the presence of something, some One, alongside the fear and anxiety? Can I have peace EVEN when I am feeling dread and tension? If I wait to “feel” peace until those emotions and responses are absent, and I live from that definition, I don’t think I will ever see myself as peaceful or feel an abiding peace.

    Joan Chittister wrote that “we must be open to the God of darkness as well as to the God of light.” I take that to mean that sometimes God appears dark, and we have to be able to live with that aspect of him. But we can still hold all the other aspects of God at the same time and know that we have as full an understanding of him as we can have right now. With the dark. And the anxiety. Can I hold peace at the same time or does it have to be either/or? I’m learning a lot about finding a balance between despair and resignation, that place of acceptance and acknowledgment that engages the dark places in me, but does not give in to hopelessness or helplessness. I think maybe the same goes for peace. That I can hold all of them together and still experience the presence rather than the absence. What do you think?


    1. “But what if it’s more about the presence of something, some One, alongside the fear and anxiety? Can I have peace EVEN when I am feeling dread and tension?”

      Yes, I think there’s a key here – that peace is holding the tension of internal and external realities – less a feeling and more a position/posture!


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